Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc., (AWRC) is a non-profit 501(c) educational-based wildlife care facility. We are dedicated to bringing people and wildlife together to develop a community awareness of the value of our Florida wildlife. Our ultimate goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and return recovered animals to their natural habitat.

Unfortunately, some of these animals have sustained injuries that limit their return to the wild. In these cases we have set up habitats for them to stay with us for the remainder of their lives. If you would like to adopt or send a donation to help care for one of our permanent residents, click here.
Domino’s House

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Domino’s House is a non-profit 501(c) (3) special NO-KILL adoption cattery, located in Palm City Florida, offering a healthy, safe and loving environment for kittens and cats. It is a place where cats can become kittens again and kittens can grow up to enjoy the love of a caring family when adopted.

Our residents are “lucky” indeed. Most of out kittens are orphaned and adults are stray, homeless or feral (cats returned to a wild state). All cats have been rescued and have faced death by hunger, disease, accidents or cruelty.