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Mr. Whiskers -  Gone but not forgottenRossy - A Fennec Fox we loved and will miss terribly.Max - Always in our hearts, sweet boy.Sadie - Sliding down Rainbow Bridge with sister Harley GirlHarley Girl - Sliding down Rainbow Bridge with sister SadieBuddy - Looking back saying, "Everything's wonderful don't worry!"Max - Pointing the way for all his friends at Rainbow BridgeCinnamon – Crouching and prancing freely and happilyCoco - Keeping an eye on her family and her sister HollyAlyssa - Is walking on Rainbowbridge with her friends.Maggie - Is sadly missed by the people she owned.Precious - Young and healthy again scampering through the meadowsTinkles - With her brother Orphie once again over the Rainbow BridgeOrphie -  Always and forever in our heartsHula -  Looking down on her brother Harry and her sister BootseyShelby -  Always and forever missedMaggie -  Is forever with her family in spiritLouie -  Is forever missed in this life
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Maggie - Is forever with her family in spirit