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Both too much, too little weight tied to migraine Both obesity and being underweight are connected with an elevated risk for migraine, in the April 12 according to a meta-analysis published, 2017, online problem of Neurology, the medical journal from the American Academy of Neurology. The experts viewed all available research on body mass index and migraine homme . As weight problems and getting underweight are potentially modifiable risk elements for migraine, knowing of these risk elements is essential for both people who have migraine and doctors, said research writer B.

Software-based system improves the ability to determine the cause of ischemic stroke Determining the reason for an ischemic stroke – one due to an interruption of blood circulation – is crucial to preventing another stroke and it is a primary concentrate in the evaluation of stroke patients. But even though importance, doctors possess long lacked a goal and robust method of doing thus. A group of researchers in the Athinoula A now. Martinos Middle for Biomedical Imaging on the Massachusetts General Medical center as well as the MGH Heart stroke Service are suffering from a program that delivers evidence-based, computerized support for diagnosing the reason for stroke. Their research validating the bundle – known as Causative Classification of Stroke – was released on-line in JAMA Neurology.