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The chemical substances tested from the researchers include Nutlin-3, an FDA-approved medication found in cancer studies, and curcumin, an all natural element of the spice turmeric. Our study offers a mechanistic basis for potential fresh treatments that may be fast-tracked, specifically for adults with delicate X, says Xinyu Zhao, the main investigator of the brand new study, a teacher of neuroscience at UW-Madison, and a Waisman Middle investigator.The entire study The introduction of territory-based inferences of ownership appeared recently within the journal Cognition.. How Alcohol Damages Stem Cell DNA and Increases Cancer Risk LONDON-Drinking alcohol produces a dangerous chemical in the torso which can result in permanent hereditary damage in the DNA of stem cells, raising the chance of cancer growing, on Thursday according to analyze published. Dealing with mice inside a laboratory, Uk scientists utilized chromosome DNA and evaluation sequencing to examine the genetic harm due to acetaldehyde, a harmful chemical substance produced when your body procedures alcoholic beverages.