Continues to be robbed of her thoughts.

Woman, 36, develops dementia after horrific car accident and is unable to remember her wedding day or other precious memories A 36-year-old woman promises that she developed dementia carrying out a horrific car crash when she is at her 20s. Jes Caruss, from Lansing, Michigan, continues to be robbed of her thoughts, including that of her big day, after a vehicle plowed into her automobile in 2006 was-ist-female-viagra.html .Simply months following her brutal head injuries from the crash, the doctor began to notice something was incorrect with her memory.Her forgetfulness escalated, leading to her to keep her laundry in the washer for weekly and struggling to remember where specific points were in her home.Nearly six years following the crash and soon after she met her now-husband, Sam, 41, she was ultimately identified as having early onset dementia.Doctors, who have haven’t confirmed that her condition was due to the crash, cannot show her how fast she’ll deteriorate.